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Frankie Jay specialises in creating makeup tools and accessories that have professional quality and are easy to use.

Founder & owner Faye was a freelance makeup artist who went on to become a cosmetics buyer/beauty advisor and has a passion for making makeup less complicated.

Faye was surrounded by so many women who craved the makeup they thought could only be achieved by hiring a makeup artist or completing a makeup course.
After spending some time in the industry, she remembered how difficult it was for her to start and how overwhelming it was because of the amount of makeup there was on the market and the confusing codes on each brush.

Faye decided to do something to break down the barriers for those struggling and designed a brush set with the use on each handle to help them understand what each brush was for. She then created the essentials set to cover an everyday makeup look. Faye has also created a beautiful beauty blender that does not soak up too much product with a diamond shape designed to get in and around with ease.


Faye is working full time, while raising her 3 boys with her husband Lui and is sharing her solution to getting it all done without skipping the makeup.

She is currently working on extending her range to make life easier for those who dare to try!

Frankie Jay - Designed, created and loved first by Faye xo

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